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When I was a child, I was afraid of the darkness. On my way home from school I had to cross the woods and because I never went home after school, rather stayed with my best friend without the knowledge of my parents, it gots dark sometimes till I started my walk home. The farm of my parents is high on the mountain and of course, I preferred to make stupid stuff with my friend than going home and fight with my brother or help my parents working.

My father accepted after a while that it´s impossible to control me and he recognized that I was afraid of the darkness. So someday he came to me and said that tonight I don´t have to go to sleep on my regular time. And when the Sun went down and the stars started to shine, he said I should grab my jacket and get into my shoes. He grabbed my little hand and we were walking up to the mountain, into the woods and across the backcountry. We were watching the stars, listening to the voices of the animals and my father told me stories about the magic and the beauty of the night.

Since this night I never was afraid again. Since this night I'm feeling the magic and I'm seeing the beauty. Since this night I'm happier.

At this time I was around 7 or 8 years old.

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